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EduKick Spain Football Trials + Spanish Language Study

The EduKick Spain Football Trials Course are for high-level footballer ONLY. Interested applicants must pre-qualified prior to registering by submitting their FOOTBALL CV, and any requested videos and pictures as determined by EduKick President, Joey Bilotta.

Qualified EduKick Spain Pro Trial Academy affiliate Spanish Language Institute, Maravillas International Programs is a conveniently located Spanish language school, where the EduKick Spain Academy Footballers study 20 hours per week.

Clearly the higher-level footballers that qualify for this opportunity for this Spanish professional cub trail / exposure opportunity are focused on their football as a priority. However, in most cases, depending on the passport of the player, an academic course is required to receive the VISA. In any case EduKick recommends this for all players as COMMUNICATION is clearly a very important part of football, as we all agree. 

Maravillas EduKickSpain Spanish Study School

EduKick President, Joey Bilotta, played and lived in Spain for nearly three years and always advises the arriving footballers to make every effort to immerse themselves in the Spain experience. To make every attempt to fully maximize their time in Spain by immersing themselves in all aspects of the country’s world-famous culture, famous not only for LA LIGA FUTBOL, but also for their food, music, art, and so much more. Players are advised by EduKick to enjoy the experience of learning Spanish to communicate better with the Spanish players they will be training and playing with. 

Regarding the Spanish study course, players can take an online placement test in advance of arrival to EduKick Spain, or their level can simply be assessed by taking quick level assessment test on the first day of class. However, all our student-footballers are places at the appropriate level and there is no minimum standard required to attend. The atmosphere is perfect for our players as there are other international students studying at Maravillas from around the world. At the morning Spanish language study classes, The EduKick footballers make friends outside the football academy environment. This helps to maximize their overall Spanish language and culture immersion experience, which EduKick believes so very important for our participating Football Trial footballers.


BritishSchool Yassin Sameer BIC eduKickSpain Student Footballers

EduKick Spain student-footballers, Yassin Shaker (Egypt) and Sameer Baig
(Pakistan) attend our affiliated British School.

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Spanish Soccer Life Coach

EduKick Spain Football (Soccer) Academy is an elite Spanish football academy for international student-footballers. The academy is located in the Benalmadena (COSTA DEL SOL), with 320 days of sunshine each year, optimizing our players ability to train on quality grass pitches daily!